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Why I Did Not Attend my High School Reunion


POSTED ONOCTOBER 1, 2018 Why I Did Not Attend my High School Reunion“If he ever lays a hand on me again, I will kill the bastard.”                                              ~ from my personal journal

This past spring, the high school I attended had a reunion to celebrate 50 years since opening its doors. I had considered attending but as the date approached, I decided that it was best that I do not. High school is often portrayed as the “best days of your life” however, I never really bought into this as it left the future looking rather bleak. For me, high school was something I had to get through so I could get on with the rest of life. There were several positive moments but for the most part, they have faded in comparison to the deep-seated rage I have carried around with me since graduating almost thirty years ago. I wish I could say my experience happened in isolation but it did not and the pervasiveness of it all is the very reason my rage…
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Raindrops, Roses & Red Tent Restoration

by Danna Schmidt Master Life-Cycle Celebrant®• 
Two cups of water, it turns out, is the magic measurement needed to puree four years of healing. Two cups, mixed with the torn bits of emails and a litany of epistolary fragments that together, represent a realm of relational trespasses and toxic clutter I’ve allowed to take up residency in my heart and soul. In this moment, I value that there is a precise measurement for something as immeasurable as disappointment and hurt.  The blender makes quick work of turning this handful of loose paper scraps into a greyish, milky mush. I pour the gooey remnants of these now-indiscernible words into my papermaking mold with attached screen, slowly dip it into a basin of water and swish it around, allowing the gentle motion of the water to further recycle these unpleasant memories of shame and blame into something purposeful. As one hand guides the soaking pulp mold back and forth, I reach with my other hand to sprinkle and stir tiny flecks of coppe…

A Healthy Attitude in Life Best Serves Your Celebrant Career

The mind-body-spirit connection is well known in our modern world.Medical researchers in the past thirty years have demonstrated that our thoughts affect what happens in our bodies and that our spiritual selves are integrated with our mental and physical selves because we are whole human beings.As a result, we know that stress is not so much what happens to us, but how we “take it” (what we tell ourselves about what has happened).
Let me tell you a true story that illustrates this mind-body-spirit relationship.  I met two spinal-cord injured men during my graduate studies when I was an interviewer on a research collaboration by the IU School of Medicine and the Kinsey Institute. Both men were paralyzed around the same time, at about the same age, in separate diving accidents.  But each made very different responses to their radically altered lives and subsequent recuperation. They turned out to be exquisite teachers that I have never forgotten.
Jeff lived far north of Indianapolis in hi…