Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Call to Collective Ceremony For A Tree

Created by Rany Findlay and Woody Winfree, Life-Cycle Celebrants
Connect to this powerful 5 minute Offering Ceremony to benefit all trees

In Every Time Zone in the World!

3rd Annual Global Gathering
US Arbor Day 2016
Friday April 29th  

In gratitude for all trees that sustain life on Mother Earth

Unite with thousands of others throughout the world restoring balance in our environment, and reconcile humanity's relationship with trees

Active expressions of gratitude are the seeds of healing and nourishment for Mother Earth. As the smallest stone initiates unending ripples in a pond, this collective ceremony initiates a far-reaching vibration of gratitude and healing for all trees

Expand the power of this call to ceremony for trees by sharing this with your family, friends and community!
In the universal spirit of ceremony, set your intention and initiate these symbolic actions
A favorite tree, or any tree or plant wherever you are...indoors or out

Express your gratitude for all trees sustaining our life on Mother Earth

Breathe, hum, rattle, sing, ring a bell,  
light a candle or incense

Hold a small bowl of water in your hands as you offer your blessing

"Beloved Tree, by your existence my life is sustained and nurtured.
By your existence I live and love.  
I offer you my gratitude.
May you be protected, nourished,  
healed and sustained.
May you, and all trees, and all forests  
be recognized and cherished."

Pour the water that now carries your words of blessing onto the base of your tree

Connect to the tree...offer your personal blessing, touch or embrace the tree, tie a ribbon around it, walk around the tree 

For A Tree  
created by
certified Life-Cycle
Rani Findlay
Woody Winfree

917 868 9482

Please visit our website  
to view a video of
The Offering Ceremony  

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Motherless Mothers’ Day: Celebrating Mothers No Longer With Us

Spring also makes us think about our mothers as the Mothers’ Day holiday is celebrated in May. The assumption is that our mothers are alive and well and this occasion offers the chance to publically express our thanks. Everything is geared to showing Mom how much we care by giving her flowers, cards, candy and gifts but it can all be quite painful if we no longer have our mother with us. The holiday compounds our grief by reminding us of all that we have lost.  Last spring my Mother had been gone more than 12 years, yet I still felt a sad longing to connect with her as Mothers’ Day approached.
We know some things about grief that help to explain how I could continue to miss my Mother for such a long time after her death:
·      Grief is not a linear process; it is circular and seasonal
·      Grief returns our painful loss to us during the year on birthdays, holidays, anniversaries of the death and other special occasions 
·      A broken heart can be healed when we cry and shed tears, especially if we gather in groups and can comfort one another (such as a peer group or a support group)
·      Isolation can be healed by remembering and sharing stories with others who have also suffered a loss and learning that we are not alone.

So, while missing my Mother last year,  I read with interest about a Life Cycle Celebrant in Oregon named Shae Uisna https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gifwho had created a unique community event called “Motherless Mother’s Day: A Celebration of Mothers No Longer With Us.” The event was simple: attendees gathered who had lost their Mothers; they shared stories, photos and brought a favorite recipe of hers for a pitch-in. They laughed, cried, sampled tasty dishes, and by the end of the afternoon, their hearts were lighter and everyone had been introduced to some wonderful and memorable Mothers.  

Inspired by Shae, and with her generous blessing to adapt her concept, I hosted my first Motherless Mothers’ Day in 2015 and participated in it along with a group of women friends.  It was the first time since my mother had died that I actually enjoyed celebrating Mothers’ Day.  Instead of a pitch-in, my group went to a local tea shop and enjoyed a “High Tea” menu as we told stories of our Mothers; we brought copies of one of our Mothers’ favorite recipes, along with photos of these special women who had raised us and shaped our values.  We honored them by speaking each of their names while lighting a candle in her memory, and we individually addressed the question, “If I could talk to my Mother right now, what’s the one thing I would want to say to her?”  Our responses were touching, highly personal, inspiring and comforting to ourselves and to one another.
This unique and lovely event brought healing and renewal as we collectively befriended our grief and allowed ourselves to be transformed through a compassionate and caring celebration of our Mothers’ love that transcended death.    A powerful truth was affirmed for us that afternoon: that as long as we remember our loved ones who have died, they are never truly lost to us.  As an unknown artist once wrote, “The world may classify my Mother as deceased, but my heart classifies her as immortal.”

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Elaine Voci is a life coach, specializing in career coaching, in private practice in Carmel, IN and a graduate of the Celebrant Foundation & Institute class of 2014 where she concentrated her studies on funerals.  A published author of five books, she has loved rituals and ceremonies since she was a girl. This blog showcases – all the many ways meaning and purpose can be found through rituals, rites and ceremonies.  It’s written for fellow Celebrants and for all others who place a value on meaningfulness in daily life experiences, and who delight in marking those passages that bring us through our milestones and adventures of the spirit 

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