Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Celebrating the Ordinarius

Celebrating the Ordinarius
by Dorry Bless

The adjective ordinary dates back to the 14th century from the French word ‘ordinarie’ and the Latin ‘ordinarius’ meaning customary, regular, usual, and orderly. This is the time of year when we get back into our routine. The holiday season has come to an end and there isn’t anything on the calendar, at least for a couple of weeks.
But in our age of Facebook, 24/7 media, reality shows, YouTube, blogs, and tweeting, having time not recognized for something/anything can be incredibly difficult. We lose sight of the beauty of our own vulnerabilities, the tenderness of both good and bad days, as well as the reassuring rhythms of the cycles of life.
The award winning composer and lyricist, Stephen Sondheim, lists his guiding principles as a lyric writer in his book Finishing the Hat. He lists three in no particular order: Content Dictates Form. Less is More. God Is in the Details. Marinating inside these mantras for this time of ordinarius, the best form for this time may be to do nothing. Not to resolve to be better. But simply to pay attention to details for what you might call a root awakening!
A Root Awakening Ritual
Begin by planting your feet on the earth just like a big, sprawling tree. Allow yourself to sink into the ground of being that connects us all. Drop your awareness down into your feet. Wiggle your toes. Notice the root has no leaves, stores food and nutrients, and will often anchor itself to another plant if necessary. Wake up to your own rootedness. See what it feels like to live life from the ground up. What does it do to your perspective? It might just mean that in the big picture roots of change are afoot!

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