Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Celebrant Troubadour

Welcome to the first edition of The Celebrant Troubadour – a modern throwback to the town square where in days of yore the town crier adorned in a red and gold robe, white breeches, black boots and a tri-corner hat would shout out ‘oyez’ or ‘hear ye, hear ye’ and follow that with royal proclamations, the price of sugar, local by-laws and information about market days. That was the way townspeople found out what was happening. Sort of like cable news these days – lots of shouting.

Fast forward from medieval England to our present day global community and more specifically to our celebrant tribe or family where communication is digital, exists virtually on many different platforms at the same time; all while life is moving at an ever increasing speed. We know there is plenty out there in the cosmos vying for your attention other than the moon and the stars; still we hope you’ll spend a few moments with us in our on-line Celebrant Town Square as we impart the news celebrant style. That means we’ll lose the breeches and the robe –have a binder in hand and do it with a flourish, a twirl, and maybe even a ‘happie amp’. Here you can mingle with alumni, current students, future students and all those good people who are interested in the impact that life changing ceremony is having on communities and culture in every town, suburb, city, rural municipality and hamlet near and far.

- Dorry Bless

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