Monday, November 21, 2016

CF&I Celebrant Wisdom Webinar Interview with Madeleine Shaw 
Dear CF&I Celebrants and student Celebrants,

G Day is coming your way!

We invite you to an extra special CF&I Celebrant Wisdom Webinar and Audio (call in) interview on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016 at 9 PM ET with Madeleine Shaw, the Vancouver, BC-based Co-founder and Creative Director of Lunapads, an award-winning pioneer in the field of natural menstrual health. In an effort to fulfill a lifelong wish to have been recognized in her community as a girl beginning her journey towards adulthood, in 2013 she founded G Day, a community-based rite of passage celebration series that honours the transition between childhood and adolescence.
G Day events bring together tween girls ages 10 to 12 and their Champions - parents and other supportive adults in girls' lives - for a day of stories, wisdom sharing and celebration.
G Days have taken place in three Canadian cities so far (Vancouver, Victoria BC, and Toronto ON), and based on their success Madeleine is exploring ways to expand to other cities by partnering with local leaders who feel called to supporting girls and families in this unique way. With their specialized interest and training, Professional Life-Cycle Celebrants® are ideally suited to lead G Day events. Madeleine is seeking survey participants as part of her research, as well as four individuals in US cities interested in piloting G Day events in 2018.
Madeline tells us:
"G Day at its heart is about being witnessed and held in community, about feeling safe, seen, and connected. G Day offers an opportunity - if only for a day - for us to experience being the proverbial "Village" that it takes to raise a child."
As part of the teleconference, Madeleine will share with us a beautiful slide presentation and is excited to answer questions and gather feedback from our community. In the meantime, those interested are encouraged to explore the G Day website and YouTube channel to learn more. You can also learn more about Madeleine and her "Adventures in Social Entrepreneurship" here.
Madeline Shaw:
G Day Founder
G Day - welcoming girls into adolescence | /gdayforgirls | @gdayforgirls | /gdayforgirls
Watch the magic here!
G Day Teleconference and Web Presentation Instructions

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016 at 9:00PM ET

CF&I Hosts: Char Eulette and Elisa Chase
Guest: Madeline Shaw
Web Presentation: Please register now for the LIVE web presentation by clicking on this Registration Link
Audio Presentation: At the time of our webinar you will need to call into our teleconference using your telephone. Please call in on the teleconference call number and access code in the instructions that will be emailed to you or see the info below. You must call in to hear our audio-webinar and take part in our interactive conversation otherwise, If you don't call in, you won't hear a thing, you will only see the webinar on your computer.

Reach out to me at: for help.
For best reception please have a phone or headset. Please NO speaker phones, as they echo badly! We'll be on the other line to greet and amaze you!
Notice! The cost of the call will be according to the agreement you have with your long distance provider.

Limited attendees: First 100 People can join

Recording available afterwards
These invitations are a part of the Celebrant Foundation Collective Wisdom Conference Series that we offer up with great joy to our Celebrants as an expression of our foundation's generous spirit to encourage us all to share and learn from one another.
Celebrant Foundation & Institute's -
Mission: The Celebrant Foundation & Institute's (CF&I) mission is to pioneer the widespread use of relevant, customized ceremony to honor the fullness of the human experience across the lifecycle.
Vision: CF&I seeks to increase opportunities to affirm and celebrate milestones and transitions for all people through the training, certification, and ongoing support of professional Life-cycle Celebrants® and by providing public education, outreach, and advocacy.
Dedication: CF&I is dedicated to teaching the principles, history, and practice of Celebrancy in a rigorous seven-month program which educates and certifies Life-Cycle Celebrants® in the art of ritual, ceremony, world and faith traditions, ceremonial writing, and public speaking and presentation. Celebrants are ceremonial facilitators and ritual creators, trained to officiate and guide individuals, couples, and families through key life events. The CF&I is a non-profit educational institution.

Yours sincerely,
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