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Celebrant Troubadour

By Jennie Landau

Yoga instructors interested in incorporating elements of ritual and mindfulness into their practice may look to a certified Life-Cycle Celebrants® in their community for ideas. 
Here are five possibilities to get your creativity flowing:
·SOUND -  Use a chime to enhance the sound vibrations in your studio. There are many frequencies to choose from, each having unique qualities and benefits. 528Hz is the called the “Love Frequency” as declared by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, and is a great choice for overall well-being. Students can ring the chime as they enter the room; instructors can ring the chime before, during, or after class. A good idea is to get a chime large enough to create the sound reverberations that are so pleasing to hear. A plant stand purchased at a gardening store provides a good stand for your chime.
·CREATE A SACRED YOGA MAT RITUAL – Try starting class in a standing position off the mat. Take the opportunity to acknowledge what your mat looks like at that mom…

Generous imaginative events inspire community

         By Char Eulette and Pam Packard

Pam tells us, “My friend Candace is a yoga and meditation instructor in our local jail (so cool!) and has also been playing the crystal singing bowls and gongs for quite some time. Almost two years ago she had the idea that we partner up to do full moon ceremony and sound baths at our favorite yoga studio in downtown Flagstaff. Our first one was the full Wolf moon of January 2016. We also did the full Flower moon last May and we just did the Strawberry moon this June.”
The joining of these wise women to create an array of successful, yoga-centered, life-awakening, healing and empowering earth-based ceremonies are much loved by their community and regularly attended. They are attracting not only Yoginis but turning the community on to the higher purpose of Yoga (that teaches us to tune in and respect life), and for some - maybe for the first time. This combination of Yoga, Meditation  and Ceremony is a great match that resonates well on many leve…