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Generous imaginative events inspire community

         By Char Eulette and Pam Packard

Pam tells us, “My friend Candace is a yoga and meditation instructor in our local jail (so cool!) and has also been playing the crystal singing bowls and gongs for quite some time. Almost two years ago she had the idea that we partner up to do full moon ceremony and sound baths at our favorite yoga studio in downtown Flagstaff. Our first one was the full Wolf moon of January 2016. We also did the full Flower moon last May and we just did the Strawberry moon this June.”

The joining of these wise women to create an array of successful, yoga-centered, life-awakening, healing and empowering earth-based ceremonies are much loved by their community and regularly attended. They are attracting not only Yoginis but turning the community on to the higher purpose of Yoga (that teaches us to tune in and respect life), and for some - maybe for the first time. This combination of Yoga, Meditation  and Ceremony is a great match that resonates well on many levels. Their attendees pay up to $25.00 a person for each special event that they have now come to value and depend on.
I say - “Hail to insightfulness and wisdom of Pam, Candace and Malissa who are making Flagstaff, AZ a flagship creating noble and successful Yoga to community inspired events.”
Reading about their story in this article may just be what you need to get you thinking about viable ways to create a buzz and offer relevant events like this in your  community and engaging like-minded organizations.
What’s amazing that’s coming from this dynamic team?  Pam tells us, “We are very proud that this fall 2017, we will be holding a free to the public, world-wide “Peace ceremony” at an outdoor venue in historic downtown Flagstaff--sponsored through the City.”
Here are some excerpts of events written on their Facebook event invitations to give you a feel of the warm and fresh way they market their offerings:

June 9, 2017:  Join the pack as we gather once again to howl at the moon--the full, ripe Strawberry moon of June. What are you ready to harvest? To bring to fruition? Come energize and solidify your intentions with ceremony and sound bath led by Celebrant Pam Packard and "Gongster" Candace Ryan.

December 31, 2016: Good Riddance Ceremony! No matter what kind of year you’ve had, it’s time to put it to rest. Join us in ritual ceremony to empty ourselves and make room for the hopes and promise of the new year. No hindrances, nothing to hold us back, just a fresh start and a pure heart for 2017! This brief ceremony will prepare you for a guided meditation and sound bath immediately to follow, where you will be bathed with crystal singing bowls and gongs. (Not a full moon ceremony).

May 21, 2016: Come howl with us at the Full Flower Moon May 21 as Candace Ryan and Pam Packard once again come together in a healing ceremony and sound bath. We will focus on gratitude and a sense of community. Please bring a single flower for a sharing ritual.

January 23, 2016: January was dubbed the month of the Wolf Moon for amid the deep, dark cold of midwinter, wolves could be heard howling in hunger outside the villages. Through ceremony, we will honor the “hunger” that grows within each of us—our dreams and desires for betterment, peace and prosperity. Come howl with us, giving voice to your intentions, strengthening your resolve to endure this period of seemingly-endless darkness, and reaffirming your belief in the rightness of your place in our pack and the turning of the seasons.

The women’s personal bios appear on their FB event page at:

Pam Packard is a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant® dedicated to the belief that ceremony can have long-lasting, life-enhancing effects in our lives. “In ceremony,” she says, “past, present and future meet and all take their proper seat.” Seasonally minded and spiritually open, she loves using relevant and meaningful words, symbols and rituals to honor and help order the human experience. She holds three certificates from the Celebrant Foundation and Institute (Ceremonies for Couples & Ceremonies across the Life-Cycle, 2010, and Ceremonies for Healing, 2015), as well as a M.A. in English from NAU (1994).
Celebrant Foundation & Institute website to become a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®

Candace Ryan is a Yoga and meditation Instructor, Reiki Master and Holistic Coach. She is the Founder and Facilitator of The Peaceful Revolution Project offering yoga and meditation to underserved and at-risk populations since 2013 specifically to the inmates in the Reentry and Exodus pods at the Coconino County Detention Center for the last 4.5 years, as well as the Facilitator at Soulstice. Her passion is working with under empowered, at risk and underserved populations by providing an inclusive approach to yoga and mindfulness geared towards individuals struggling with addiction, generational trauma.

Malissa Bobbitt , Studio owner, Northern Arizona Yoga Center, Flagstaff, AZ.  Master of Education since 1999, Malisa has taught many disciplines to many ages.  In 2006, she completed her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Tom and Trisha Kelly in Encinitas, California.  Since then, she has taught 1000s of hours and continued her education with Master Teachers Rod Stryker, Tim Miller, Leslie Kaminoff, and many others.  In February of 2011, she completed a Yoga Alliance, 500 Yoga Teacher Training that mainly focused on Yoga Therapy; Many of her teachers have studied directly with Desikachar himself.  She founded Vertical Soul Yoga in 2011 and is the Director of the Yoga Teacher Training.  Her passion is to make yoga accessible to all and to create a loving space to practice the art of yoga. From studio website:

Pam Packard Life-Cycle Celebrant,

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." -Eleanor Roosevelt "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!" -Henry David Thoreau These are two of my favorite quotes as they really inform my belief in the importance of ceremony and ritual. We are each of us always moving forward, crossing thresholds, marking passages, and we should do so with ceremonies unique and meaningful to us as individuals, not some old-tired-one-size-fits-all sort of thing. Everything you want and nothing you don't is what you'll get from me as we work together to usher you into your beautiful future.

Weddings and Ceremonies for Couples, Ceremonies for Families and Children. Serving Northern Arizona, the Grand Canyon, the White Mountains and the Colorado Plateau
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The Celebrant Foundation & Institute is proud to have Life-Cycle Celebrants® who are now practicing throughout the world. Our reach is growing for sure, but there is so much more work to do! We are committed to advancing this great Celebrant movement and giving people of all walks of life greater choice in how they want to mark the milestones in their lives.
 The CF&I support doesn't end when we hand our graduates their diplomas. Our Alumni Association provides additional educational and professional development via an extensive online ceremony library and business resource library including topically relevant webinars and presentation tools. CF&I graduates are also invited to join one of our 42 regional chapter for mentoring, networking, client referrals, and ceremonial idea sharing. These local resources are invaluable in nurturing the continued growth of our Celebrants in field.

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